Sunday, February 22, 2009


Saw a little boy today And he was bleeding

From his nose needing those who could Save him

To keep him from his grave but they

Were so far it was not as far as he could take it

So he could never make it and they

Said to his crying mother and his elder brother

Where is your father all the while the mother

Was wailing my child is failing and you

Are the one to save him and the brother

Grown up and responsible said to them

Is it possible that you could wait

My late father left me the burden

Tell me what has happened

The brother said come on mom outside

Let the doctors work inside and i will be

By both your sides

All this time the doctors were sucking the

Blood out of his tubes to place a tube

To aid his breathing but they were despairing

And they said call the time

Probably aspiration of the blood

We’ll need to confirm on post mortem

To him come outside again now give

Your name address and information

To the waiting police at the station and

Tell your mother not now but later

For it is you now who will cater

Not just to this formality but be the

Only source of some normality .

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Never Forget

Indians are dead and humans.
The untold bravery of the mothers and fathers who died vainly shielding their children and the orphaned children.
The torture marks on innocent people that made hardened forensics men baulk at the sight.
The announcer at VT who, under fire, continued to guide people away from the danger zones.
The people who are our enemies, the people who have aided our enemies, giving them food and shelter.
The policemen and commandoes, named and unnamed, who have laid down their lives serving us.
Those who were sleeping on their watch, intent on regulating dance girls in preference to terrorists and those who promptly arrived to have and to eat political cake made from the spilt blood of humanity.
Our friends like the South African commandoes who saved a hundred lives when it wasnt even their damn job to.
The promises made to us by our leaders and by the leaders of our enemies.
The staff in the hotels who, in the highest Indian traditions, did not leave the side of their guests even at the cost of their own lives.
The enemies besetting us from all sides outside and from the inside - Pakistani military, naxalite revolutionary, Chinese hegemony, Islamic jehadi, Bangladeshi , Hindutvawadi.
The men who never send their children to the military and then call them dogs - the fathers who do.
The official you bribed ten years ago- he probably was promoted and was bribed by a terrorist today.
Importantly - the promises you have made to yourself this last year to defend this country, and perhaps - to vote.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Search for Eve

the story goes that many moons ago some female* due to her particularly carnal nature or the spectacular nature of the male's ability to lift heavy weights ( her for instance ) over a shoulder, had sex with him thus spawning all of mankind . she is called, because we have mostly used mitochondria to trace our descent from her, the mitochondrial eve.
she must have been crazy.
dont take my word for it . two cambridge grads have this to say.
- douglas noel adams - it was a bad idea to come down from the trees.
the clincher,
- mary beard (in her times literary supplement blog) -" it was the custom for women using public or restaurant lavatories to operate the flush with their feet – if it was at a reasonable height. "
the comments thereafter make very interesting reading.
the evidence gleaned from the numerous authoritative sources such as the results of the 2000 and 2004 prez elections in america, sandhyanand and video zonkers clearly show that not only has she given rise to a very strange line of daughters but also a very very strange species indeed.
the endless and mindless delving into the mechanics of toilet flushing and how one washes hands and difficulties thereof combined with the deep question of ` what to do with the doggy bag ?` is exactly the kind of instructions for toothpick use that drove wonko the sane to his asylum. (or was it out of it. )
what we need to do is -
1 find this lady
2 invent time travel
3 genetically modify her
4 find out who she mated with
5 kill him and
6 promptly disappear from existence from the past present and future. ( this being the necessary consequence because you were stupid enough to go meddling with a- a female b-a female relative ancestral to yourself c-einstein )
so we are stuck then in this world - spawn of that fateful evening - having to deal with toilet flushing issues and ads of sanitary napkins.
the ads for sanitary napkins are another proof of the extremely twisted nature of our genetic inheritance. sanitary napkins that suddenly bloom up in multipetal splendor and then absorb the sum total of all the fluid in a single average ocean are very routine on them. every woman (except for those poignant few primary amennorhoeics and secondary amenorrhoeics) bleeds at regular intervals but i doubt she emits veritable deluges that are only held back by the dykes that labor mightily against them.
All suggestions regarding what might have to be done tamaam bayanaton ko maddhenazar rakhte hue will be entertained.

1 i dont know how to reconcile my use of information from outside sources with my assertion of copyright on this blogs contents. i attribute all direct quotes but that is about what i can do with my level of ip law knowledge.
2 the pune municipal corporation as part of it s duties to deal with biomedical waste conducts regular checks in hospitals. during one such inspection of a certain medical college outstanding performance for disposal practice was noted . the only objection raised was against the hostel. apparently the girls hostel of a medical college generates large quantities of biomed waste. the sanitary napkins were named "blood contaminated waste" and appropriate measures were ordered to be taken. after strong rebuttal of suggestions to establish within the hostel a central napkin disposal container the issue was swept under the carpet. clearly these sanitary napkins are a big problem.
3 wonder if the bra burners ever burnt sanitary napkins.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Melghat malnutrition .

kids are hungry .
kids are dying .
and all i have written about is the crap in the rest of the blog .
so please do read this link.
there are still good people in the world and those - like me - who come under their influence .
this is a paper based on the work "maitri " and " melghat mitra" have done in a concise manner .
i will clarify here that the work was not done so as to generate this paper rather the paper is a way to get the attention of those who can those who want to and those who should be doing this work .
that is a paper by my friends , abhilasha and vaibhav and myself .
this is the report of the progress during the year 2007 . it reaffirms what we have said in the first paper .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


some people must realize they are better off shutting up or producing proof when saying things in public . this human being needs to chill . some wise people have said - and it is true - that it is better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and prove it .
dude i got nothing against you or your opinions . but atleast have some evidence before you start ranting . god knows we need people bringing the truth out [ witness famous iipm expose on the blogosphere ] but this kind of thing destroys the credibility of political comment on blogs .